The Maw

The Maw Demo

Cute 3D puzzler for kids and adults alike


  • Funny
  • Charming characters
  • Gentle learning curve


  • Camera could be better automated


The MAW is an independently developed game about two aliens, Frank and the MAW, a perfectly evolved life form 'concerned mostly with snacking and lounging.


Both were captured by bounty hunters, but their space craft crash landed, leaving the two creatures stranded. Your job is to guide them to safety.

This is a 3D cartoon-style puzzle game, with a strong sense of humor. The Maw eats other life forms, and takes on their characteristics, which you'll use to help Frank solve puzzles.

This is all done in a slapstick way, and the Maw is a lovable vicious carnivore.

Control is via keyboard and mouse, and much is explained in the demo so you learn as you go.

Sometimes the controls seems a bit sticky, but helping Frank to direct the Maw around with his laser leash is a cinch. Further evidence of Maw being kids friendly is how the mouse only spins the camera around Frank horizontally, so you don't need too much accuracy.

Sound is effective, and the graphics are well executed - they won't win any medals for being cutting edge, but everything's animated really well.


The Maw


The Maw Demo

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